Monday, June 8, 2009

Marine Corps Marathon Training Plan

With my knee feeling better each day, I have been looking into training plans to help me prepare for the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon.

Although I have run 3 marathons and 4 half marathons previously, I am training for this upcoming marathon using a beginner plan to help ensure a safe re-entry into distance running.

The Hanson's beginner plan (see title link above) is from a local running shop here in Michigan. These are the same Hansons as in the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, which is a well-reknowned program to help train American athletes for the Olympics. Brian Sell, for example, is a team member and he finished in 14th place at this year's Boston Marathon.

I chose this plan not since I'm expecting Olympic results for myself, but rather for the moderate and consistent approach the Hansons promote. In addition, the long run is capped at 16 miles. When complemented with biking, especially during the initial portion of training, I think I can build up my running body safely and effectively.

I'll begin on June 21st. I'm very eager to get running again. As much as I did not like getting injured, my hope is that my cross training has and will really help my running so that I may continue running for many years to come.