Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sports Doctor Results

OK, so I finally got in to see the sports doctor about my knee. He determined that I have a fissure in my meniscus. I was really bummed.

For those of you who may not know already, my left knee has been bothering me for a couple of months. After a lapse in running, I started back up and quickly noticed a pain throughout the inside of my knee. Rest, ice, compression, & elevation helped. However, the pain remained.

I remember when it first really flared up. I had driven back to Detroit from Chicago. I was in a great mood (my mom has been slowly recovering from respiratory problems - see earlier post). I decided to run in the light snow. It was a beautiful day.

I had no particular distance planned. I just ran and enjoyed the moment. In fact, I took a few videos that day (see them on RuncastTV). I was feeling so good, that the miles went by fast and before long, I was at 7 miles. I then felt a disctinct pain in my knee. I walked home concerned but hopeful that this would be a temporary problem.

Sure enough, the knee has been sore or painfiul ever since that run. Despite weeks of rest or limited activity, I was frustrated by the lack of recovery.

My primary physician thought I had some tendonitis. He referred me to a specialist. The sports doctor could not see me though until May 1st.

Last Friday was not fun. The doctor examined my knee and body mechanics and quickly diagnosed the meniscus problem. Running too long too early was a chief culprit. Also to blame, were a pair of running shoes with too many miles. The main cause of the problem, however, was that I had gained too much weight in the winter. As a result, he was very disapproving about the Marine Corps Marathon.

I explained how important this marathon is for me and he agreed to create a plan to make it possible:

  • No running for 3 weeks

  • Buy new running shoes - Done! Hello New Balance 1224s!

  • Walk 15 minutes each day for flexibility

  • Cross train - bike, swim

  • Lose weight - no more late night dinners

  • Core workouts, upper-body stength training, no lower-body strength training

  • Stretching + RICE

  • More sleep

  • Naproxen 2 times per day

  • Check-up appointment in 3 weeks

  • Slowly get back into running after 3 weeks: Reduce initial training to 25% of previous training.

So far, after 3 bike rides and a swim, my knee feels remarkably better. I know I need to be patient, but I also am determined.

Don't get me wrong, I will be careful. I just need to heed his advice and take a positive step each day.

I remain optimistic. I'm visualizing the MCM finish line. I can see it clearly.

This is a new day for me. I am committed to transforming my life and to becoming a healthier person. The marathon will come, but I will be sure to enjoy and be thankful for each new day as I recover and achieve better health.

Please come and join me on this journey! I appreciate your well wishes thus far and will certainly continue to be thankful for your support! Together, we can cross any finish line!

All the best,



  1. Ouch, that is a tough diagnosis. But, best to trust the experts and take the time you need. Better to run for the rest of your life than muscle through the corps marathon!

  2. Eddie-

    I applaud your determination and resolve. I hope your body responds the way you want it to in order to reach your goals. You have a good plan. You don't look like your weight would put undo stress there. Hang in there!

  3. Adam & DuffRunner:
    Thanks for checking in and sharing your thoughts! I will be sure to be careful with my training and will also ensure that I don't overdo it. I remain hopeful but realize that life sometimes throws things our way. If the knee does not improve sufficiently, I'll have to rethink MCM for this year. I remain positive at this time that I'll heal to be able to run it this year. If it turns out that it's too soon, then there will be next year. Either way, everything will be fine! I'll get through it! Appreciate your support!

    All the best,