Thursday, July 2, 2009

Next Year is This Year!

A new day brings new challenges and opportunities. I have had my share of challenges and opportunities as I am sure you have as well. But what do we make of them?

Since Christmas day of 2008, my mom has been hospitalized due to the effects of diabetes. She has suffered from being overweight, lost feeling in her limbs, lost most of her vision, and now has required a tracheotomy to be able to breathe sufficiently.

Three weeks ago, she was discharged and in now under the care of my father, who is struggling to adjust to a changed life. I am so grateful she has survived this most recent struggle but remain very concerned for both of my parents as they adapt to a new way of living, which includes dependent care, trach maintenance, and essentially no sleep.

Since my folks live in Chicago while I live in suburban Detroit, I have been making frequent trips to help as best I can. While this has been a challenge, I am hopeful for creating a better relationship with my parents while also reinvigorating myself and my family to live a healthy life.
Meanwhile, I have been recuperating from some knee problems. I have been training nonetheless with biking and walking and swimming on occasion (I need to learn to breathe without taking in water or holding my breath for so long!).

Last week, I began running just a bit to test out my knee. Although it is not 100%, it is so much better than before that I think continued low to moderate workouts should help rejuvenate the knee.

Now if things take a turn for the worse with my knee, then I'll have to play it safe for the long haul and scale back my running and even possibily cancel my marathon this fall. I don't think this will happen, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared to make disappointing, yet necessary decisions.

No matter the outcome with the Marine Corps Marathon this fall, I am embracing a: "Next Year is This Year" attitude. What I basically mean by this is the objective of living today to the fullest, taking action now rather than presuming tomorrow will present better circumstances.

I have too often thought about doing several things only to eventually put them off till later. Life can delay plans, but we can all try our best to ensure we live fully each day, no matter the conditions of the present.

As we celebrate the 4th of July, remember those who have served or are serving our country so that we may have the opportunity to live fully today and with each day to come.

Happy Birthday America! Let's run our "race" today and take special care to realize all the joys that come with making life our best!


  1. It sounds like your family has been hit with some reality checks this year. We've had some of those recently as well. Best of luck to you and your family as you navigate around everything.

    Great attitude Eddie! If need be, you could switch over to the biking and maintain some awesome fitness through that. I had to take a month off from running to heal some problems and I swear that the biking I did made me so much stronger once I did return to running.

  2. Glad to hear all is well on the family front. A change for sure.

  3. Certainly sounds like you have rounded a corner! Here's looking at MCM!

  4. My goodness, does this sound familiar. My dad's been suffering some very serious health problems, and the feeling of total helplessness is overwhelming. I had been coping in part by running, with plans to run the MCM in his honor, until an old hip injury crept up on me. Hip's feeling better, and training's back on, but coping with a minor challenge (hip) in the face of a real one really puts things in perspective ... I took up open-water swimming, and have tried to maintain the same positive attitude you have. Best of luck to your family -- and, of course, to your knee!

  5. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments!