Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ready for the Flying Pig!

Well, it's time to go to Cincinnati and run the Pig!  I have not trained as much in April as I would have liked, but I feel ready anyway!

The weather is supposed to be warm with thunderstorms.  The marathon course is a hilly course.  With the weather, it should be a challenge.  It should be an adventure no matter what happens!

This is my 5th marathon but 1st Pig.  I can't wait to get it going.  The Expo on Saturday should be a lot of fun as several runners from our running community are planning a get-together at 3pm at the Gu booth.  Come and join us if you are racing or just happen to be in the area!

I'll share the weekend events and a race report when I return back to Michigan.  Thanks to everyone for the kind calls, Tweets, emails, and Facebook messages.  Also, a special thanks to my co-host partner in the podcast Shock of the News, Adam the Zenrunner for all his support and great cheer.

I'll see you at the finish!

All the best,


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